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Joy of Rex Welcomes You With Open Paws


Well Bred, Well Loved, Well Kept

The finest of cats, for the best of reasons

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CFA & TICA Certified

Joy of Rex is a CFA & TICA certified cattery.  We have dedicated ourselves to the welfare of the Cornish Rex breed, strive to uphold the breed standards by keeping track of all of our cats pedigrees and registration, provide support to all other breeders and pet owners, and foster knowledge and interest in pedigreed cats.

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Joy of Rex is a not-for-profit organization with world-wide reach. We lead by continuing the Mykro breed, which represents one-half century of the tradition of leading-edge breeding by Ms. Charlene High, and does so with the stated intent of not only providing the best of breed to the best of cat-fanciers, but of also providing care, sustenance and loving homes for errant cats through the good work of the Humane Societies.

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Joy of Rex is committed to the safe transportation of our cats across the country and the world.  We will arrange travel via car or plane with pet owners and breeders.  It is our duty to our cats to ensure safe travel.


Joy of Rex is a father-daughter, Cornish Rex loving duo based out of Oklahoma City.  We are a the family driven by love-the love of breed, and love of species, striving to always do well by doing good.

James & Catherine Quinlan

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